Maxiprop Megaprop Wilo-EMU TR 212… – TR(E) 326…


Slow-running submersible mixer with two-stage planetary gear reduction


Energetically optimized mixing and circulation of activated sludgesGeneration of flow rates in circulation channels


2- or 3-bladed propeller in sandwich-style construction with a nominal propeller diameter of 1200 mm to 2600 mm.

TRE 312: 3-blade, solid-material propeller with a nominal propeller diameter of 1200 mm.

All propellers have an clogging-free design made possibly by backward-curved flow edge.Wilo-submersible motor of the T-series (surface-cooled motor) with standard connection for an easy and efficient adaptation of the motor power. The motor heat is given off directly to the fluid via the housing. The winding is equipped with a temperature monitor. Large-sized inclined and grooved ball bearings ensure long service life of the motor bearings.TRE units are equipped with high-efficiency TE motors which meet the IE3/IE4 classification (derived from IEC 60034‑30).Sealing is achieved through the use of a 3-chamber system (pre-chamber, gear chamber and sealing chamber). The large-volume pre-chamber and sealing chamber collect leakage from the mechanical seal. If desired, the pre-chamber can be equipped with an external sealing chamber electrode. The sealing between the fluid and the pre-chamber, as well as between the gear and sealing chamber are realized by a corrosion-resistant and wear-proof mechanical seal made of solid silicon carbide material. The sealing between the pre-chamber and gear chamber as well as between the sealing chamber and motor are realised by radial sealing rings. A seal bushing ensures long-term corrosion-protected fit of the mechanical seal.2-stage planetary gear with exchangeable transmissions. The gear bearings are dimensioned so that the resulting mixing forces are absorbed and are not transferred to the motor bearings.